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In-season boundaries & crop recognition
8 months prior to the official statistics from USDA and Eurostat.
Global data coverage
Field boundaries for 59 countries. Crop data for the Northern Hemisphere, South America, South Africa, and Australia.
High-quality data
Field boundaries, crop detection, and productivity zones based on satellite imagery and a machine learning model trained with ground truth data collected since 2017.

Global Analytics Products

OneSoil products are based on our proprietary machine learning models. Since 2017, we've developed datasets based on thousands of field data points sourced from ag holdings and improved the quality of our data.

Field Boundaries

Automatically delineated fields are the starting point for any ag analysis and make user onboarding much easier in digital ag platforms. 5×5 m field boundaries resolution Up to 0.96 IoU accuracy
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Crop Identification

Identification of crops anywhere in the world based on satellite observation starting from 2017 until today. 12 cash crops F1 score 0.96
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Productivity Zones

Automatically created low/medium/high productivity zones in any field based on 6 years of satellite observation.
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Biomass Field Score

A qualitative assessment of the yield based on the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), climatic indicators, and relative field productivity.
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Coming Soon: Planting Dates

Farming practice recognition used by carbon platforms in their assessment process. 3–5 days is the accuracy of calculations made 4 weeks after planting.
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State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms

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